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Man: the Embodiment of Destruction

Posted in Videos » Funny   27 Dec 2012   / 4114 views

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Comments (4):

danamial 2 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
already watched it great work
wilderness 2 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Vietnam Vet,
I think you have missed the point of the video. The creator of this video is trying to illustrate the wanton destruction which humans inflict on this planet due to their misguided sense of superiority. It is not about human progress. We are able to progress synergistically with the other inhabitants of this planet, we dont need to destroy it, we simply choose to.
Let me ask you, why did you participate in the Vietnam war? What justified you to be fit to determine how another nation/race of people should govern themselves? How many bombs, bullets and how much destruction did you deliver in your attempt to change an ideology... communism?
For your sake take some time and reflect on the past and present actions of your life and see what actual effect they have on the earth and the other inhabitants of this wonderful planet...
we deserve to die
Khysiek 2 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
While you have some good points, you are completely wrong about communism (typical for people who didn't live in communistic country). You don't choose communism, it is always introduced by others and backed by some supporters (minority). Communism it's not democracy, it's point of no return, it refuses any other way of living by using every way of oppression. More people died from communistic ideology that from fascism.
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