Hottest Women of 2013 According to Men's Health (100 pics)

100. Maggie Grace

99. Rachel Nichols

98. Carly Rae Jespen

97. Rosie Huntington-Whitely

96. Jordana Brewster

95. Deborah Ann Woll

94. Alison Williams

93. Lady Gaga

92. Cobie Smulders

91. Azealia Banks

90. Janelle Monae

89. Kristen Stewart

88. Emma Watson

87. Abigail Spencer

86. Rooney Mara

85. Emily Blunt

84. Amy Adams

83. Natalie Portman

82. Padma Lakshmi

81. Michelle Williams

80. Jessica Pare

79. Berenice Marlohe

78. Demi Lovato

77. Isla Fisher

76. Rose Byrne

75. Erin Andrews

74. Sara Jean Underwood

73. Kate Middleton

72. Jennifer Lopez

71. Morena Baccarin

70. Kat Dennings

69. Amanda Seyfried

68. Ashley Greene

67. Shakira

66. Nicole Scherzinger

65. Cote de Pablo

64. Irina Shayk

63. Anna Kendrick

62. Katie Holmes

61. Kate Beckinsale

60. Rashida Jones

59. Jana Kramer

58. Olivia Munn

57. Lauren Cohan

56. Marion Cotillard

55. Alana Blanchard

54. Kaley Cuoco

53. Anne Hathaway

52. Naomi Watts

51. Ellie Kemper

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  1. Veenstra
    Definitely not according to men.. Some of these shouldn't be in it if it was a top 5000.
  2. crispy
    I can't imagine a single man having Katy Perry above half of that list. She'd be lucky to be on it.

    Oh and BTW, Jennifer Aniston is so yesterday. Yes, she's still hot, but not #5 hot.
  3. david.busic.7
    yea katty perry ugly
  4. Mr. Ree
    Kate Upton makes the rest of them look like circus freaks.

  5. Strummer
    Beyonce is 8? She is an ugly skank!
  6. prprho2
    jessica alba!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Signals
    Angelina Jolie's time is up. That's like putting Madonna on this list.
  8. angelina jolie's time is up? that's the dumbest thing i've ever heard. she's gorgeous, and what's more, some men actually like women in their 30s (or older)... angelina is only in her 30s. madonna is 60.
  9. david.busic.7
    and this are only famest beatuful ppl
  10. blaine.kile
    oliva wilde so sexy my brain exploded booom sexy factor one million. my sexy factor is abot 13/14 let em know

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