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  1. Elbereth
    #13 Love the houseboat.

    #22 Would be GR8 for the wine in summer, and the spiced wine in winter.

    #30 GR8 start, teach him to read, so he can go over the book himself.

    #63 Just taking the dog for a walk, eh?

    #72 Marvellous what you can do with the alphabet now.

    #73 You should see when they pass the light down into the stomach - the whole abdomen lights up. GR8 what happens when you play with medical instruments.
  2. Mr. Ree
    #51 - so very true.


    #58 - Once you go black....

    you become an unwed mother on welfare...


    #74 - I don't appreciate Smokey the Bear blaming me for all of these forest fires. I never signed up for that responsibility, so it's not up to me to prevent them!

    #87 - what a tease...

  3. MrReesdad
    #84 forehead like my son
  4. Belindellase
    #12 Like !

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