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This Email Is Proof That It’s Not a Scam!

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Must be legit...


Here's the email that explains everything. It all makes sense now.


Hello Friend.

My name is Khaleed Hammed, I am a Ghanaian, I work as a Poultry attendant in Colonel Muammar Gaddafi Farm in Tripoli Libya. Before The Civil War, my boss mandated me to took some money to a private safe keeping in Ghana, which worth $500 Millions United States Dollars. After the war, i found out that my boss was killed by a group of dangerous man so now.


I am looking for a Good Business Partner, who is trustworthy,honest and who will not later outsmart me as partnership. Also, you must be ready to invest the funds on a lucrative and profitable investment of your choice in your country or any where in the world, apart from Africa.


Find the Attachment of my picture and how we package the money before moving it down to safe keeping in Ghana

Regards. Khaleed Hammed


This Email Is Proof That It’s Not a Scam!

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Comments (2):

Elbereth 3 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
At least he isn't a Nigerian.
mekuse 2 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
hello mr. hammed am emeka James michael by name .
Any way am interested in your partnership.
I have been duped trice but any way life goes on and on.
Since u are real I would like to partner with you.
below is my immediate contact;