Women Has World’s Widest Hips (10 pics)



Mikel Ruffinelli is 40 year old mother of four who credits having children for the reason behind her enormous hip size.


Mikel’s hips measure a staggering 8 feet (2.4 meters) in circumference and she weighs in at 420 pounds (190 kg’s). Ruffinelli consumes 3,000 calories a day to keep her "bootylicious" figure. Ruffinelli began gaining weight at age 22. She tried to lose weight through milkshake and other fad diets in the past, but now she claims to be happy with her body and works hard to stay healthy. She is working on a psychology degree, and models for a Big Beautiful Women website to earn extra money.


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  1. Maximus
    actually looks like there's "junk in the trunk."
  2. ivanlaszik
    How the hell can this be "healthy" and "beautiful" and how can she be happy? This is actually disgusting. I don't belive she is happy.
  3. Peanut
    The lady is way too overweight to be healthy. She needs to adjust her diet for her children's sake.
  4. Pathological
  5. Mr. Ree
    Her hip bones aren't any wider than that of any other simian - she's a lazy, fat piece of shit that chooses to look like a two legged hippo.

  6. Nickwad
    She has a trunk in her trunk!
  7. gigantes
    bootylicious, eh? but you know, just because some african-american men have a fetish for huge asses, i fail to see why it should be a hip standard for american women in general. how did that all happen?

    i mean, i'm sure there's a group of men out there who are also turned on by epileptics, but i don't want epilepsy to become some kind of beauty standard for american women, either.

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