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Be Careful of These Gangsta Grandmas (30 pics)

Posted in Picdumps » Funny   25 Jan 2013   / 6220 views

This supporter of gay rights

This babe staring longingly at a bong


This charming hippie

This Hollywood mogul

This hardcore mama

This hottie who likes to hang-ten

This hilarious dame who sends sexual birthday cards

This fly honey and her bitching body art

This one-woman home security system

This fearless bear hunter

This workout fiend

This rule-breaker who wears sunglasses indoors

This legend who told her money-grubbing kids to fuck off

This perpetually proud grandmother

This thrill-seeker

This chick who's unimpressed by zero-gravity

The most flexible woman over 25 y/o

This lover of KFC

This giver of zero fucks

This PT Cruiser protector

This pole-rider

This happy happy woman

This nihilist

This battle rapper

These besties who LIVE for Memorial Day Weekend

This gal who takes the phrase "sun's out guns out" too litterally

This Ruff Ryder

Snoop's biggest fans

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