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  1. Elbereth
    It is said that stupidity is the second most abundant thing in the Universe, but here on earth I'm not so sure.
  2. PCSinWV
    The intelligence level on the planet is a constant while the population is increasing
  3. MrReesdad
    Mr. Ree beats them all in stupidity and redneckness and idiotism and debilizm and basically I think his a low life and will die as a sad lonely hating old man.
  4. I think it's time to ask for a raise after seeing all these dumb dipshits.
  5. Peanut
    Unbelievable! This is a reminder of why I never do chat rooms no matter where I am or what site I'm on.

    Although I don't always agree with Mr. Ree, who can be a bit over the top and rather crude at times, I think he is a far better person than most of you will give him credit for. He's not anywhere near stupid, not an idiot, and certainly not a low life. I doubt very much he will end up sad and alone. Of course that fate could befall any of us. Read all of his comments, not just a few.

    MrReesdad...you lack imagination and need to get your own moniker. By the way, what does 'debilizm' mean?
  6. Mr. Ree
    Thank you, Peanut.
    In my line of work, I see all sorts of people and when they meet me, they all try to make their best presentation and act as mature and professional as they can.
    Still, stupid is as stupid does and I can see through them, usually within a few moments.
    The 'average' intelligence level of Americans is rapidly sliding downhill. Many people, some what you would call professionals, may be educated, but they are so fucking stupid and lack common sense, I'm amazed they can fill their cars with gas or operate an ATM machine.
    Never confuse education with how 'smart' someone is. It's a rare combination to posses both.
  7. Johny
    We'll said, Ree. Well said.
  8. ptpie
    U can not fix stupid
  9. RyogySan
    too bad stupidity doesn't hurt...
    or does it?

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