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  1. bertha_2_2
    power of makeup, costume---------- AND digital effects.
  2. cartoonman
    I did NOT know Tim Currey played in legend.
    And Cristopher Walken just put in some fake teeth, he's scary all by himself lol
  3. How could you not know that he is it Legend?! His voice, let alone his laugh should have been more than enough of a clue....
  4. Ulriccc
    #39 is wrong, it's Alan Tudyk in I, Robot !
  5. asianmkeup
    What a transformation! Makeup will make you really different! But I like Chuck Norris transformation..hahaha
  6. 1. Chuck Norris looks the same.
    2. I don't think that using motion capture qualifies as makeup.
    3. You could sort of tell that it was Jim Carrey as Olaf, even though they did do a good job of it. And yes..they did keep the eyebrow like how Olaf is described.
    4. Doug Jones has pretty much been the "Creature Suit" guy for almost every fantasy movie that's come out recently. If tv roles were allowed...I would say the Gentlemen or any of the vamps from Buffy the Vampire Slayer should on here.
    5. To be honest...Walken's always looked like a bloodthirsty creature of the night..one really does wonder if he really did sharpen his teethfor the part though.
    6.Ummm..with the Cat in the Hat, they just..well...didn't try.
  7. Golum was done completely digitally, no make up involved. Whoever made this list should have done a bit more research. I was hoping to see The Exorcist among the films listed since the film has stunning make up effects for a film done in 1973.
  8. Pippin
    Gollum is a completely digital character! You can't just create such a character with mere makeup. Wait ---

    One does not simply become Gollum with makeup.

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