House Selling for the Bargain Price of 1 Euro (5 pics)

This 110 square meter house was listed on the French version of eBay recently for sale for only 1 euro. The land on which the house stands is an additional 350 square meters making the property even more valuable however, there is one catch that might deter many buyers…


According to the current owner of the house, a terrible murder took place there the 1950s and it is now haunted by troubled spirits who reportedly rattle windows, move objects and murmur in strange voices. Creepy!


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  1. Mr. Ree
    No ghosts- it's probably mice, rats, and other vermin running around.

  2. Gorfian
    I thought the catch was - "It's in France"
  3. meukr
    have you ever been in france??.....believe me,it's not the worst country to live in..
  4. mollyhubbard
    id still but it!

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