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  1. Peanut
    Legalize marijuana. It works better than the manufactured pain killers, giving a better quality of life to those who are suffering.
  2. Elbereth
    Unfortunately it has many dangerous side effects, not the least being the increased likelihood of psychotic illnesses. You can use the active ingredient within it to relive pain, with far fewer side effects.
  3. Johny
    "Use but not abuse" is the fine line there.
  4. AljazPerc
    every man has right to choose his poison
    i dont see any reasons why cunts like some of you should have right to tell others what they could and what they could not smoke just for fun
    smoking weed is good for your spirit and is mind opening, it also lowers your level of aggression
    better to smoke weed than bring alcohol or some pills
    shit about mental illnesses is just bullshit, if weed triggers your episodes you can be sure some stress in life will trigger it also

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