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  1. bobbykewl
    #22 If the Disney character 'did' touch their kids, they would then cry child molester. You can't make them happy.
  2. Fenrisulven
    #87 Learn how to crop your stitched panoramas!
  3. Peanut
    #22...Blacks claim racism in anything and everything.
  4. Mr. Ree
    Very true, Peanut. Unfortunately, in today's pussy liberal society, they get away with it. I hope soon, a major corporation like Disney, will tell them to go fuck themselves when they present some bullshit claim like this. Then the NAACP (Niggers Are Always Causing Problems) will get involved and the company should tell them to go fuck themselves too. Pretty soon, all companies will tell them to go fuck themselves and this nigger problem will be reduced immensely.

  5. Johny
    While I agree with Peanut here (and possibly Ree), It struck my mind that America is almost being dominated by blacks. May it be Ca$h, music, and shit goes on..

    Good luck!
  6. gigantes
    er... as i understand it, the kid just wanted to get a hug from the disney character like all the other kids were getting. granted that it's a stupid reason for his parents to start a lawsuit, but that's for the courts to decide. it's THEIR money if they want to give it to the lawyers, no?

    cmon, people...
  7. TheOculists
    Poor Mr Ree can't see the irony in his post. Lulz.

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