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  1. gigantes
    this should be a memo to young women everywhere-- if you're going to wear comical amounts of eyeliner and other makeup, you might as well go for the whole enchilada and do it emo-style. you'll go from a sad joke to a beloved joke just like that. :)
  2. jan_kowalski
    Ye cool post but half of this picrures is hailedabear from youtube

    #6 #8 #9 #10 etc.
  3. rick.decard
    #45 #55 #59 not emo, but gothic
  4. gigantes
    isn't that like someone pointing out that your user name is supposed to be spelled "deckard," not "decard?"
  5. AMemoriam
    There is a huge difference between emo's and goth's. Most people love to bash but refuse to listen and know better.

    I have no idea what is cute about tons of make-up though.
  6. gigantes
    when it comes to the difference between emos and goths, my desire to listen and know better can be summed up thusly: who gives a crap? they're both groups of kids playing with halloween makeup kits as far as i can tell.
  7. lolzz
    Love to see girls that don't follow everything that happens on the TV!
  8. Nickwad
    Earrings through the lip or nose = SKANK

    I also love how they show their individualism by doing exactly what every other emo does.
  9. Johny
    They all have "16 I hate my father syndrome".. including the buffalo.
  10. Mr. Ree
    The good thing about girls like these that have no problem desecrating their bodies with tattoos and shitty dollar-store makeup is that they are usually more than willing to give you a blowjob in a Denny's bathroom at 3AM when all the decent girls are home asleep. All you have to do is buy them a Denny's Special Breakfast, tell them how beautiful they are and the next thing you know, you're throat fucking them while reading the graffiti on the stall wall.

  11. There's a nice collection of the Future Failed Mothers Association
  12. FK12341
    #19 A proud future "single mother."

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