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  1. I feel ugly :( lol
  2. sadistic_son
    Sure, I'm just waiting to see girls sitting on my hood and making dents on it. Careless washing is also a great "advantage" of The Best Car Wash Ever... :P

    @UP... Come to eastern Europe. If you feel ugly seing those pics then here you'll feel disgusting ;)
  3. Mr. Ree
    Here's a tip: If you see one of these car washes going on at a shopping center parking lot (Churches and school parking lots are probably not a good idea), offer one of the skankiest girls there (the one(s) with the most tattoos, piercings or has a cigarette hanging out of her mouth) to wash your car topless or naked for a tip. You'll have about a 50/50 chance one of them will take you up on it especially if you offer them a cold beer too.
    Underage is uncool though and illegal, so make your choice wisely.

  4. ptpie
    What no cameltoe???

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