News on the Less Famous “Beckham” Sibling (9 pics)

This is Joanne Beckham, David Beckham’s sister. This is what she looks like before her transformation. Go inside to see her now.


Joanne recently lost 20 pounds in time and dropped four dress sizes for her 31st birthday. So David Beckham's younger sister Joanne was evidently keen to show off her newly-svelte figure in an extremely daring, plunging black dress.


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  1. r151
    #6 made me throw up in my mouth a little.
  2. Nickwad
    Still gross.
  3. Peanut
    She looks OK. Good for her for losing 20 lbs.
  4. Mr. Ree
    She needs to cover up those sagging glands...

  5. and so she become a slut :D
  6. JohnKonrad
    Still ooogggleee...
  7. Unknown
    Where's difference ? :p
  8. gigantes
    yikes. i was expecting something a little more inspiring. :(
  9. trancerem
    like snoop said, dont try to reinvent the wheel, a ho's a ho no matter what
  10. Oksana
    her legs have not become more attractive, but they are stunning compared to her terrible clevage
  11. eyupmiduck
    She's a pretty girl but she needs friends who will tell her she's made a bad outfit choice. Mine would tell me!! Who wants saggy puppies hanging out like that? Not attractive bless her.
    Pretty but the usual Essex coloured mane which they must purchase in bulk where she works. Would be nice to see Joanne take her elder sister out on the town as a treat. Older sister Lynne stays out of sight as she seems to he a fktard magnet. If Hoanne gave her a makeover and an incentive to get her body in shape then I'm sure they'd both be stunners but Lynne has kids and even had a girl at the same time David and Posh had Harper and Lynne is well n truly on the sidelines as maybe she won't kiss Victoria's ass same as dad Bex. Lovely family are the Beckhams but I just wanna get Lynne happy as she seems depressed. As for flappy baps jo, a birthday to never forget now pix all over the Internet

    Btw Jo, ya right one is bigger than your left! You prob already know BUT you put them on view so a fair comment I think!

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