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Did It Ever Happen to You When… Part 26 (22 gifs)

Posted in Gifs   26 Feb 2013   / 17017 views

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When your parents try to use technology:

When you haven’t eaten anything in over two hours:

When you think you have to sneeze, but then you don’t:

When you tell a joke that you think is hilarious, but no one else likes:

When someone says the exact same thing you were thinking:

When you try to eat a slice of pizza that is too hot:

When you see someone parallel park into a tiny spot:

When a little kid tries to hit you:

When someone says, “We need to talk”:

When your favorite website is down:

When your girlfriend says, “I’m changing, don’t look”:

When you’re trying to get your friends to like your new favorite song:

When you didn’t get your morning coffee:

When you start grooving to a really embarrassing song:

When you poop at someone else’s house:

When someone tells you they go to sleep at 10 p.m.:

When you’re bullshitting a report:

When your Facebook post gets a bunch of likes:

When your friend takes a bad picture of you:

When you’re at a house party and someone says, “The cops are here”:

When you step in water while wearing socks:

When you have the day off, but everyone else is at work:

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