Cool Things You’ve Probably Never Noticed Before (23 pics)

The globe icon on Facebook is turned to the other side of the planet in Hong Kong:

The flag of Guam is what it looks like to be born in Guam:

Tic Tac containers have a built-in Tic Tac dispenser:

Traffic lights are bigger than they look:

Fingers that can't bend don't have creases:

Apple products are just Braun products from the '50s:

Chipped paint in a New York City subway station gives a history of what that station once looked like:

These are the same font:

Takeout containers unfold into plates:

Chex boxes line up perfectly:

Because of rights issues, the music video for Around the World is not available outside the U.S.:

Plastic Coke bottle caps fit on glass Coke bottles:

Modern grocery store baskets are shaped and weighted to avoid bumping your legs:

The dot on the "i" in the Pringles logo is a Pringle:

The coffee shop owner in "Pulp Fiction" is listed in the credits as "Coffee Shop":

The "i" in this font looks like a little zombie:

Every country that borders Austria is south of Austria:

This is what a 2-liter bottle looks like before it's expanded and shaped:

The white part in the Pepsi logo changes based on the kind of Pepsi:


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  1. ivanlaszik
    #15 is not true. I don't live in the USA, and do not use a proxy and the songs plays. And yes, I tested this on the clip from the emimusic channel.
  2. Fenrisulven
    #15 Not the only one... :/
  3. I call bs on #13 as well
  4. #13 does unfold but I would hardly call that a plate.
  5. bro.guy.7
    #15 is not trueee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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