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  1. gigantes
    The site won’t be updated tomorrow for ‘technical reasons.’

    how much are you planning on spending, mate? you know you might just want to go to amsterdam for that? (kidding! enjoy the day off!)

    #9, awesome metaphor!
    #14, and four legs moves your beast.
    #46, wow. but i wonder how many girls are able to decipher that request?
  2. oddbal
    #14 and 6 wheels move the fatty.

    #73 the hipster with the mac.
  3. #69 Shut up and take my money.
  4. Mr. Ree
    #1 - looks like I'd have to use my nine inch iron on that shot.

    #35 - Dad must want incredibly high insurance rates, massive debt and a dead son since a GTR is not a car for beginners (nor for even average drivers).

    #62 - I see gallinazo got a new car.

    #79 - the pokey nipples tells us all that she means what she says...

  5. rikki_doxx
    Repeats, repeats, repeats. But then, I repeat myself.
  6. geoffraymorin
    #56 where the dumb/douch are happy to share!

    Seriously what's the point?

    Now that's a standard to be on freezing outdoods, no braggin' in here just let grow your pair; you'see it feels good!

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