The Gorgeous Sex Guru Who Is Helping Men Meet Women (42 pics)

29 year old Kezia Noble is a self-made millionaire who earns $6000 (£4,000) per week dispensing seduction advice to men. The glamour girl claims she is not only helping men to get women into bed but actually assisting them to meet women who they can have a relationship with.


Kezia became a “Female Pick Up Coach” in 2006 and gives men who attend her boot camps complete physical and personality makeovers that change the way women respond to them as well as how they deal with women. She says she has helped over 7000 men to date!


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  1. gigantes
    not sure what to think. some parts seem okay... others not so much. "personality makeover" certainly sounds like a warning flag.
  2. A makeover is not the same thing as plastic surgery. It enhances your positive traits and takes attention away from your negative traits. I would assume that the personality makeover usually involves learning to act with tasteful confidence.
  3. gigantes
    fair enough. personally that is not the kind of makeover i am interested in, but more power to you if that kind of thing works for you.
  4. Mr. Ree
    " men who attend her boot camps complete physical and personality makeovers...

    Uh huh...the 'physical makeover' costs $800 an hour and the 'personality makeover' costs you much more when she strings you along for a few months making you think she's interested in you and then dumps your ass when the money runs out.

  5. Gallinazo
    Don't worry Mr. Ree, you don't need Kezia's advice, what you need is a normal sized cock.

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