Bats: Pets for the Badass



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  1. Peanut
    What a little sweetheart! Bats play an extremely important role in the ecological balance of this planet.
  2. gigantes
    that's incredibly cool. bats also have very little body fat, so in general they cannot go for long without eating... maybe a day or so. even accidentally flying in to a house and getting chased around for awhile can be fatal to them, even if they escape unharmed, because their little fuel stores are all used up and they don't have enough energy left to find a meal.

    i learned some things about bats at chautauqua resort / institute a few years ago. at certain spots on the footpath, at night, the air would be filled with little brown bats flying around my head chasing down naughty mosquitoes. it was quite, quite charming. :)

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