The Real-Life Drunken Debauchery at Spring Break (29 pics)



These photos are taken on South Padre Island, Texas and show the drunken chaos that occurs when 60,000 college students descend for Spring Break.


Padre is known as the trashiest Spring Break destination and encourages excessive drinking on the beach with bars charging as little as $9.50 per cocktail. Interestingly there are approximately 60 daily casualties as a result of drink, drugs and accidents seen at the triage tent so it is no surprise then that what happens on Spring Break, stays on Spring Break.


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  1. Mr. Ree
    I think that many don't realize that you can still have a really fun time without the alcohol, drugs, and illicit sex. Jesus and the bible are all you need for complete fulfillment. Take turns reading passages from the good book and discuss what you can do to honor Jesus and live a righteous life.

    It's a rockin' good time!!

  2. chuck3610
    You forgot to add..... Bazinga!!!

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