Thieves Get Caught By Being Too “Snappy Happy” (10 pics)



Dumb phone thieves get caught by making this amateurish mistake!


When one guy’s phone was stolen on a metro trip, he couldn’t have expected to ever find the people responsible. However, the thieves stupidly continued to use the stolen phone and did not turn off “Photostream”. When the owner got home, he saw the images of the thieves on his own computer and immediately sent them to the police who then spotted them at Copenhagen central station a week later! The owner says: “The dude taking a selfie on picture 7 is the one I clearly remember sitting next to on the metro. That's why I'm pretty sure these guys are the ones who stole the phone.”



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  1. i'm sure they are indiands/bangali or pakistani. they all so fucking dumb.

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