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Did It Ever Happen to You When… Part 29 (36 gifs)

Posted by Raya in Gifs   1 May 2013   / 24436 views

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When you open the door and it’s a solicitor:

When you try to get out of bed in the morning:

When someone surprises you with food:

When you make an appearance at family parties:

After a breakup:

When you finally get that food you’ve been craving:

When someone steals your joke and tells it to someone in front of you:

When you have a pimple and you’re really self-conscious about it:

When the instructions say, “Let stand in the microwave after cooking”:

When you hear thunder outside:

When you drop the food you just prepared:

When someone asks you what you did with your time before you found the Internet:

When you see people making out in public:

When you see a funny picture on the Internet:

When you attempt sports:

When you’re at a restaurant and see the dessert someone ordered at another table:

When someone interrupts your story:

You and your co-workers at 5pm:

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