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Grownup Corner (49 pics + 9 gifs + 10 videos)

Posted in NSFW   31 May 2013   / 19119 views

How gay sex works

Cruel but Funny New Roommate Prank

From the same guys behind these pranks:

Delivery scare prank

Crazy cab driver scare prank

Funny audition scare prank

Wedding dress scare prank

Folks, Samesies Are Over!

Funny sketch of the day

Guy Thinks He Dances Samba Better Than Venezuelan Hottie Diosa Canales

What do you think?

If you just want to see only her dancing, click here.

One More Time with Diosa Canales

Please, Don’t Laugh!

You can skip to 0:40

Cool Mortal Kombat Flipbook – Jax vs Shang Tsung

How to Do Stuff with Max

This is your crazy/WTF video of the day

Epic Internet-Powered Birthday Invite

Oh the things you can do with multiple times $5 and the website Fiverr…

Dodge Ball Has Never Been Sexier!

This Asshole Doesn’t Like to Be Slowed Down, Gets ‘Revenge’…

I can understand that people slowing you down can be a pain in the ass, but what he did was a dick move…

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