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Daily Picdump (95 pics)

Posted in Picdumps » Daily 7 Jun 2013   / 39554 views

Don't forget to look the Morning Picdump.

Daily Picdump
Daily Picdump
Daily Picdump

WTF Is Happening Here? (69 pics)

Posted in Picdumps » Funny 7 Jun 2013   / 23871 views

Friday Gifdump (30 gifs)

Posted in Picdumps » Gifdump 7 Jun 2013   / 32542 views

The Most Fascinating Facts about Space (13 gifs)

Posted by Raya in Gifs 7 Jun 2013   / 13675 views

Chris Hadfield shows us a few things you definitely didn’t know about living in space.

The Most Fascinating Facts about Space

These Funny Animals (44 pics)

Posted in Picdumps » Funny animals 7 Jun 2013   / 5094 views

Video selection (17 videos)

Posted in Videos of the day 7 Jun 2013   / 2330 views

Crazy Multi-Car Collision Avoided by an Inch

Posted in Videos » Wheels 7 Jun 2013   / 4214 views

Or just assholes driving too fast giving the circumstances and taking advantage of the situation to pass other cars on the right…


Going to the Beach: Expectations vs Reality

Posted in Videos » Funny 7 Jun 2013   / 2255 views


Only in China: Apartments with Walls Made of Foam, Doors Made of Paper…

Posted in Videos » Sad 7 Jun 2013   / 2331 views

See why people who paid for these apartments don’t even want to live in them…


Funny Bunny Takes a Bath

Posted in Videos » Cute 7 Jun 2013   / 2473 views

We posted the picture of this bunny last week in the animal picdump but the video is only coming to the surface now, so here it is…


The Future of Simulation

Posted in Videos » Technologies 7 Jun 2013   / 1686 views

Just imagine what will be able to be achieved in the coming decades thanks to advances in technologies such as the ones presented in this video.

This video is in fact a trailer to the Siggraph 2013 Technical Papers program that focuses on computer graphics and interactive techniques.

This is simply fascinating!


Superman Gone Nuts, Loses It in the Street…

Posted in Videos » WTF 7 Jun 2013   / 1305 views

Be sure to watch it ‘til the end


Hubble Ultra Deep Field: the Deepest Optical View in Space

Posted in Videos » Science 7 Jun 2013   / 2381 views

Here’s an even newer picture of it as well as an interesting video that you should watch.


102-Year-Old Woman Goes for a Base Jump

Posted in Videos » Win 7 Jun 2013   / 799 views

Being thus the oldest woman in the world to ever do a base jump! Her name is Dorothy Custer and she performed this tandem base jump for her birthday.


Guy in Detroit Pretends to Be Ryan Gosling, All Girls Fall for It!

Posted in Videos » Funny 7 Jun 2013   / 22671 views

Guy walks all around Detroit as the real famous actor is known to be currently filming in the very same city…

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