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Innovative Self-Made Pendant Anniversary Gift (22 pics)

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It’s just a pity that this guy’s girlfriend then dumped him!

Crucible Materials

Water, Gloves, Hammer, Steel Rod, Pipe Cap, Anvil, and a Doggie.

Welding Time

Finished Crucible

A little crude, but hey all of this was scrap.

Making the Mold

I needed to make the mold out of a brick so when I poured the metal into it, it wouldn't cool off right away and pour evenly.

Making the Mold

Again, just a brick. Note how I messed up the dimensions the first time.

My (Propane-Oxy) Blowtorch

If you got bad news, you wanna kick them blues; Propane.

Silver Spoon

"Borrowed" from my mother.

Silver Bearing Wire and Ingot

I only used part of the spoon and found the wire to melt easier. I did mix in some Borax (not shown) as flux to help a little.


Just some metal in the crucible.

Mold (finished)

On top of a propane burner to keep it warm.

Crude Ingot

Just a blob really.

Starting To Cut

Making it into a prism.


Mostly cut up.

Starting to Polish

Used sand papers, grinders, sharpening stones, polishing tips, all kind of grains.

Still Working on it.

It was easily the longest part.

Almost Done Polished!

Had a minor imperfection.

Comparison to Mold.

Shaved off a lot.

Drilled a Hole

with a drill. duh.

Voice patterns.

So I printed off 3 different voice patterns using Garageband of me saying "I love you" at different distances from the mic, volumes, intonations, etc., and chose the bottom one. I then made it smaller and printed it off onto one of those Avery Labels using microsoft Publisher.

My Dremel Setup

Disorganized, i know.

Done Etching!

Not exactly identical, but hey it's art.

Finished Product.

I wanted to make something special for our anniversary, she told me she wasn't in love with me anymore. That's life.

Credits: imgur.com

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gigantes 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
that's what all the people say.
rick.decard 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
well you can melt it, make silver bullets and hunt werewolfs
Nice but revealing the break up at the top kind of killed the drama.