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Daymare Cat

Posted in Games » Platform 25 Jun 2013   / 1070 views

Blast Billiards Gold!

Posted in Games » Puzzles & Skills 25 Jun 2013   / 1345 views

Dead Paradise 2

Posted in Games » Racing & Driving 25 Jun 2013   / 1959 views

Upgrade Station 2

Posted in Games » Management 25 Jun 2013   / 1134 views

Dry Fire Reloaded

Posted in Games » Shooting 25 Jun 2013   / 1037 views


Posted in Games » Fighting 25 Jun 2013   / 816 views

Grownup Corner (59 pics + 7 gifs + 5 videos)

Posted in NSFW 25 Jun 2013   / 38724 views

Daily Picdump (93 pics)

Posted in Picdumps » Daily 25 Jun 2013   / 31826 views

Don't forget to view the Morning Picdump.

Daily Picdump
Daily Picdump
Daily Picdump

Advertisement Related Problems

Posted in Seriously 25 Jun 2013   / 10631 views

Dear Izismilers,

It’s time to speak about serious stuff.

Like many other websites we place banner advertising to pay our expenses such as website hosting, the work of a programmer, content managers, and to have some money to live on. We have no other choice. Many advertisers buy the advertisement from us through an advertising agency. We physically cannot keep track of all the ads, we cannot review every banner displayed on izismile. Because of this, there are sometimes troubles with ads and you can stumble upon a video banner with automatic sound. And the worst thing is when the sound can’t be turned off. Is it bad? Of course it is bad! Every time this happens it's a state of emergency for the entire team. We promptly get in touch with the advertising agency trying to search for the "bad" banner and ban it on the site. If you suddenly see such a banner, don’t just write me angry emails accusing me of greed. We don’t  try to make money at any cost.

There is no and will never be advertising with sound on the site as well as pop-ups and pop-unders intentionally on our part. You will have to take my word for it. Now, how do you, the Izismile user, can help us deal with the "bad" ads? Click here for all instructions.


If you like Izismile but do not understand that for it to function properly you need to watch ads (no one forcing you to click on them) then download and install Adblock. You will not have advertising and we won’t have money to continue the work.



I would like you to go inside the post and vote whether the advertising is "good" or "bad" and write your opinion about the ads in the comments.

If all of you don’t like advertising, we will change the advertising agency and advertisers.

Take 1 minute of your time and help Izismile get better. Thank you.

Advertisement Related Problems

Daily Gifdump (18 gifs)

Posted in Picdumps » Gifdump 25 Jun 2013   / 13705 views

A Natural Alternative to Botox (24 pics)

Posted in Random » Weird 25 Jun 2013   / 15463 views

Why pay for chemical Botox injections when you can get the same effect for free?


A Natural Alternative to Botox

These Funny Animals (41 pics)

Posted in Picdumps » Funny animals 25 Jun 2013   / 4633 views

Just Hanging Out with Severus Snape (10 pics)

Posted by Raya in Funny » Humor 25 Jun 2013   / 3914 views

See what Severus did on his day out.

Just Hanging Out with Severus Snape

What a Strange Workout Technique!

Posted in Videos » Fail 25 Jun 2013   / 1129 views


Impressive Air Hockey Playing Robot

Posted in Videos » Technologies 25 Jun 2013   / 1179 views


Instant Karma

Posted in Videos » Fail 25 Jun 2013   / 2315 views


Herd of Deer with a Last Minute Change of Mind

Posted in Videos » Weird 25 Jun 2013   / 1496 views

You can skip to 2:35

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