Local RI News reporter from Providence gives a hilarious animated demonstration of what to do if a bear spots you.



When it was getting dark, these people decided to use this method of picking up sand from the ground and getting it to the fourth floor.



The aim of Factory Kingdom is to start your own clothing company and make it a huge success. Start with just a small floor space and enough money to employ just a few staff. Create work stations for them and watch the money start coming in. When you have money starts flowing you can start to expand, create more floor space and move in more workers, but don't forget to keep them happy and productive with restaurants, toilets, games and even décor.

Factory Kingdom

This version adds the hostage element which makes the game more challenging. Player can check positions of enemies through the radar on the top left corner. Try to make more Headshots for higher scores; Killing hostages will reduce scores; when reaching a certain scores, you can get all sorts of upgrades of AWP sniper rifles! Mouse to shoot; Spacebar to open the gun sight; R to reload; 1234 to switch weapons.

King of Sniper - The Hostage Crisis