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Some of the Normal Every Day Life Experiences in 1999 (21 pics + 4 gifs)

Posted by Raya in Picdumps   22 Aug 2013   / 8206 views

Playing Snake on a green-screened Nokia phone.

Rewinding VHS tapes after watching a movie.

Taking notes in school off the overhead projector.

Calling your friends from a house phone.

Inserting CDs in a computer tower.

Saving all your files on a floppy disk.

Waiting for dial-up to connect to the internet.

Using Encarta for research projects.

Listening to music on a Sony Walkman.

Using physical maps or printed directions.

Watching music videos on TV.

Getting all your fashion advice from magazines.

Paying bills in person or by mail.

Burning CDs and making sure they didn’t go over the space limit.

Taking pictures with disposable cameras.

Playing music at parties with a boom box.

Booking flights by phone or travel agent.

Worrying about Y2K.

Making works of art in Microsoft Paint.

Reading newspapers.

Listening to messages on the landline answering machine.

Adding WordArt to your papers because it made it look COOL.

Skimming the Yellow Pages to find phone numbers for businesses.

Renting movies at Blockbuster.

And blowing into your Nintendo cartridges.

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Fenrisulven 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
I've tried most of this, I don't miss it...
Never underestimate the power of large crowds, of stupid people.
#19 MS Paint (WinXP version) is the program I have used most to quickly print, resize, convert, process screen grabs, mash up pictures/documents. It is -BY FAR- the most useful program Micro$oft have ever made. Notepad is very underrated too, to add/remove and format text between emails and documents and pre-process/de-limit data for later import.