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What Your Life Is Really Like in GIFs (20 gifs)

Posted by Raya in Gifs   6 Sep 2013   / 14195 views

Your day:

When you have a secret you know your friend is going to love:

When the clock hits five o’clock on Friday:

When you’re left alone with someone you don’t know:

When your best friends have an inside joke without you:

When MS Word asks if you want to save any changes, but you didn’t change anything:

When you realize you’re chewing on a borrowed pen:

When you saw the Miley Cyrus VMA performance:

When you’re home alone and hear a door creak:

When someone tells you to smile for a photo:

When you get up for a second and someone tries to steal your seat:

When you spot the sale section of a store:

“Accidentally” waking someone up so they’ll hang out with you:

Trying to stay awake on Monday:

Watching people chew with their mouths open:

What most people consider “getting to first base”:

What you consider “getting to first base”:

When the waiter asks, “Would you like more bread?”:

When you can’t get your W-Fi to work:

Your reaction after reading all of these reaction GIFs:

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