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A Railway Line That Runs High Up in the Sky (7 pics)

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The Goteik viaduct was constructed in Myanmar in the year 1899 by the Pennsylvania and Maryland Bridge Construction. The line was built as a way for the British Empire to expand their influence in the region and measures 2,260 ft (689 metres) in length and is situated roughly 820 ft (250 metres) above the ground.


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pitterpat 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Pretty cool to see the old bridge paralleling the new structure. It was originally built to bypass the western river to Bangledesh and serve as a commutable link for commerce into and out from more Eastern yet, horribly navigable terrain just east into Laos for international trading companies. The bridge served as a huge catalyst in the supplies in allied forces against Germany during WWI as well. Not only was it utilized in the clandestine transports of munitions from the neutral far east to those allies in the Middle East and Africa, it also served as a means of transport for more iron works to be sent in an effort perpetuate the rail systems farther into mid/East China. Which btw, are still in use today. Bethleham and Pittsburgh steel manufacturing is dead today. But their products are still bearing up.