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  1. Fenrisulven
    If there is a god, and perhaps something like a soul, his soul deserves the best. Those who have people do suicide bombings are some of the worst scum on the planet!
    However, I doubt he would have saved hundreds. It was only a vest, not a fully loaded car.
  2. gigantes
    well, as bill maher famously said-- from the terrorists' POV, they are heroes. he sacrificed a lot to say that, actually.

    meaning, those people don't believe they are part of a global civilisation. they believe they are fighting for their lives... willing to sacrifice everything for their peoples. in the end, i think this is pretty universal and not so hard to understand.

    love and respect to that boy, though...
  3. JISR
    Very brave teenager, my respects. Even when he can save one life or hundreds, he was a hero, no matter how much, the important thing is the act

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