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Totally Valid Scientific Reasons Why Women Live Longer Than Men (17 pics + 8 gifs)

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Because of stuff like this:

And this:

Or how to get dressed in the morning:

Because 8 out of 10 men have no idea how escalators work:

Make that 9 out of 10:

Or how pools work:

Because men can’t even beat inanimate objects in a fight:

And they certainly cannot be trusted to wake up in the morning:

Because they easily fall for tricks and traps:

And, contrary to nobody’s belief, do not have magical powers:

Because it’s wildly recognized that most of their test scores look something like this:

And most of their scientific experiments looks like this:

Because they often don’t even realize they’re doing something that might be dangerous:

Or when something dangerous is right in front of them:

Because they can’t be trusted, even in trust falls:

Or with vacuum cleaners:

Or with tires:

Or with ATVs:

Or with food:

Or with beards:

Because to them, simple household tasks are matters of life and death:

Especially if it involves ladders:

Even something as simple as moving a couch becomes a deadly activity:

And don’t even get them started with ramps. Once you give a man a ramp, it’s game over. He’s done.

And if you add a crane to the mix? Just start etchin’ up that headstone right now:

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#20 beeard
You forgot the part where we're just so happy to get away from their continuous nagging..
I care as much about you, as you care about me..so go fuck yourself.