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Random Things That You Are Not Likely to Experience Again (37 pics + 1 video)

Posted in Funny » Humor   14 Feb 2014   / 9138 views

A better smell than a brand spankin’ new one of these:

A more exciting sight to see when you walk into a room:

A more accurate way to predict your future:

A better way to travel the world:

Anything as terrifying as this:

A way to have more fun with 25 cents:

A better way to consume your daily intake of fruits and vegetables:

A cooler way to wake up in the morning:

A better place to disappear in:

Something that will ruin your tongue as violently as these:

Anything more embarrassing then this:

Anything more rewarding then getting a gold star:

A better way to tell someone you love them:

A even better way someone could tell you that they loved you:

A more exciting reason to go get fast food:

A more HARDCORE toy:

A wiser man than Mr. Rogers:

A more exciting day at school:

A better place to conquer the world from:

A more soothing musical duo:

The original smartphone:

A snack that transcends our dimension

A movie scene as PAINFUL as this one:

A better sign that it was time to go to sleep:

A better pair of friends:

A more unpleasant sound than this blood-curdling racket:


A more perfect first family:

A more delicious kind of dirt:

A more cutthroat game:

A more satisfying way to learn math:

A more pleasing sound than the sound this thing made:

A better way to organize your prized possessions:

A sweeter scent then scratch and sniff:

A more comforting sight than this at night:

A better way to dig for treasure:

A exciting way to learn about animals:

And a better feeling than waking up on a hot summer morning, knowing that the only responsibility you had was to be home in time for dinner:

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#23 I loved this move. The sequels was shitty.

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