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Great Images That Have a Fascinating Background (25 pics)

Posted in Picdumps   26 Feb 2014   / 8026 views

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Ukrainian protesters currently playing golf on the President’s residence in Kiev

Women journalists in Iran

The National Library of China

Russian Adelina Sotnikova hugging one of the Russian judges, after receiving gold. Exactly why I can’t take the Olympics seriously.

Kristian Nairn (Hodor from Game Of Thrones) is a DJ

World record kidney stone, 700g 5″

North korean and South Korean family reunited after decades

Michael Jackson’s 15 y/o daughter Paris Jackson. Can you see the resemblance?

Sailor receives a ‘U.S.A.’ tattoo in Virginia, 1950

News reporter Bree Walker 20 years apart

High-school student LeBron James meeting Michael Jordan

WTF Happened to Lil Kim

The Beatles, and their sons

Supersonic private jet to use external cameras, giant displays instead of windows

Village life in Transylvania

What happens when a Tesla Model S gets rear-ended

World’s Largest Silencer – for a TANK!

One of the blast doors at the NORAD Cheyenne Mountain complex

Fox News: A lesson in diversity

Gangs of New York- Bandit’s Roost section of Lower Manhattan in the 1890s

Megan fox in 2005, without any plastic surgery

Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado

Lincoln, before and after the Civil War

A Beast on land, and in water too

Just another train ride in Bangladesh

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Comments (5):

gigantes 11 month s ago MARK AS SPAM
#19 a diverse group of broadcasters to match a diverse group of listeners. :P
Peanut 11 month s ago MARK AS SPAM
It's called collusion between the U.S. and Russia. No other country need try out.
Mr. Ree 11 month s ago MARK AS SPAM
#8 - I hear she takes after her 'father' - she likes to suck the dicks of young boys!

Awwww...Don't like my comment?
Fuck off and die!!!!
frosch 11 month s ago MARK AS SPAM
scott5minutes 11 month s ago MARK AS SPAM
#19: Let's see... Juan Williams, Charles Payne, Star Parker, Allan West, Shibani Joshi...

Looks to me like Fox has got quite a few non-white anchors and regular contributors. Now, as an experiment, let's list all the non-white anchors and contributors at MSNBC that aren't Al Sharpton...
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