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In Their Heads This Situation Is Very Different (25 pics)

Posted in Funny » Humor   22 Apr 2014   / 7433 views

He thinks, he is still cute

He is crying because he thinks he is locked out .

I think my girlfriend’a cat is plotting my death

They think it’s their mom.

My friend has the saddest looking cat I think I’ve ever seen.

I think my dog is bigger than my boyfriend

Thinks her baby wookie is a dog.

We think she likes it.

He must think he’s a lapdog.

I think he likes his new home

Forgot the flash was on, think it made the picture even better…

I just can’t think of a title that fully describes the Aww in this…

We found a stray cat while fishing. She and my dog fell in love immediately. I think we have to keep her.

My cat was at the vet all day. I think my dog missed him.

I think I have too many tabs open…

The only time she doesn’t cry. I think my new lab puppy likes my shelter dog.

He seemed to think he found a loophole.

He thinks he’s so sneaky.

Annie thinks this is her ferocious face.

They Thinks atey are in love

Dog thinks he’s flying

I think I found her tickle spot!

Do you think i look amazing!

Scott thinks he’s human

He thinks he’s a floor-mat

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