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A Dreadlocked Neglected Dog Gets Rescued (17 pics)

Posted in Animals   4 Jun 2014   / 5090 views

And just look how cute he is now.


"My GF was driving home at night, and saw what she thought was a black garbage bag tussling across the street..."
"...Upon further inspection it was a dog."
"It was scared, hungry, and dehydrated... So we wrapped it up in a towel and took it to my house."
"We went to the local shelter to get the dog shots, grooming, and scan for a micro chip."
"At this point we couldn't even tell if it was a boy or girl, but the dog was very happy"
"It could barely move or see with hair with all that hair"
"The dog had a chip embeded, but it wasn't associated with any phone number or address."
"There where dead insects, dirt, and whatever else lodged inside that hair."
"It would have taken at least two years for the dog's hair to get this long."
"Looking straight from Jamaica"
"After the dog was groomed we found out it was a girl around 6-7 years old"
"She is still a little scared of people and loud noises, but is getting better."
"Going back and forth on the name Marley or Rasta... We went with Marley."
"Now she plays and sleeps with our other dog."

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Meanwhile they past countless homeless people and starving children.
But pictures of animals are popular on the internet.