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Classic Daily Life Moments Captured in GIFs (21 gifs)

Posted in Gifs   10 Jun 2014   / 13658 views

Describing your trip to Wal-Mart:

When you’re hungover and someone mentions brunch:

When the pizza delivery guy rings the doorbell:

When you were little and you heard a curse word:

Slow jamming until you get to the part of the song you like:

When you can smell your neighbors having a BBQ:

When someone interrupts your daydreaming with a real-world question:

When you want something, but the price is too high:

Leaving work on a Friday:

When the quiet friend in your group makes a good comeback:

When a little kid is telling you a story and you can’t understand them:

When your boss emails you on the weekend:

Remembering the leftover dessert you have in the fridge:

When someone you haven’t seen in a while is looking good:

When you order clothes online and they fit perfectly:

Attempting to cook breakfast:

When your significant other complains about your tiny faults:

Finding fries in the bottom of the McDonalds bag:

What you want to do when you say something embarrassing at a party:

Trying to run away from your problems:

When your girlfriend asks, “Which one of my friends do you find most attractive:”

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