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Great Hacks That Will Make Everyday Stuff Simple (26 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle   3 Jul 2014   / 11141 views

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Thingy 3 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
#1 the value goes up and down with the price of Silver, of which they are made. Likely will go up long term :)

Similarly with the 'copper' we use in the UK. 1 and 2p pieces pre-1994 are mostly Copper making the value of the metal content more than the face value of the coin.

These are good examples of our Governments secretly debasing the currencies, issuing new coins made of shittier metals.

The Romans did it and it didn't end at all well.
gigantes 3 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
#1 it's 1964, not 1965... and you should keep an eye out for certain dates and mint marks. for example, the 1932 denver and san francisco quarters are worth about $60 even in terrible condition. uncirculated, the 1932D coin is worth around $750 book.

the ones before that are pre-washington bust... most worth a lot more, i think.
Ok, here we go, bullshit assessment:

#2 Assuming your toaster has wide slots/you are using bread 3 atomic layers thick.
#3 40-year old+ common knowledge.
#4 Assuming you have very ill-fitting doors.
#6 Learn to crack eggs carefully/properly is better advice.
#9 Pristine collar, creased-as-shit shirt. Just iron the damn thing, lazy bastard.
#10 Enjoy all of the exotic CD coating/cheapest, nastiest plastic compounds for lunch. Mmmmmmm.
#11 Or just use a small jug like humans have done for decades before.
#17 Tomatoes/onions are not condiments/you still need to wash the cupcake tray though?
#22 "5-times more effective" how? Nothing "Prevents" cold and flu.
#24 I'm going to need gallons after reading all this shit.
#25 Or, if you can't find waterproof tape or pool noodles, zip tie empty soda bottles like in the picture...
#26 It doesn't leak through the polythene bag?! Wow - Nobel Prize for that man.
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