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Sibling Rivalry at Its Best (26 pics + 8 gifs)

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Your fights are legendary.

When you were little, you flip-flopped between wanting to be with them all the time...

And never wanting to see them again.

Babysitting was never one of your strengths.

You guys acknowledge the fact that your parents made you pose for extremely questionable photos.

You totally knew the pictures were weird, but you guys enjoyed being weird together.

You've tried getting rid of them a few times.

You hated the fact your parents thought it would be cute to give you guys similiar names.

Everyone has taken their turn between crying and causing the tears.

"Hey, let's take a picture!"

They're the reason you can't have nice things.

You've used some of your best insults on them.

Or about them.

They have made you fear for your life.

"My sister driving."

They can be the most ungrateful person you've ever met.

No one else is allowed to mess with your sibling but you and you'll always have their back if someone tries to.

Sometimes, you even liked helping them out

They intentionally have done things, just because it bugged you.

Other times, the fact they were breathing close to you was all it took to make you mad.

But at the end of the day, you know your sibling is of the very few people in the world who can always make you smile.

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