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Humorous GIFs of Ordinary Every Day Life (22 gifs)

Posted in Gifs   5 Aug 2014   / 20669 views

When you’re staring at someone cute and they catch you:

When you catch yourself in the mirror after a new haircut:

When you smash your pinky toe into the coffee table:

When you find a Coke with your name on it, but it’s misspelled:

Reading your personal blog from years ago:

When someone makes a joke that’s a little too close to the truth:

At a concert and you hear the first few notes of your favorite song:

When your friend has a perfect comeback for that person you both hate:

When you know all the words to a rap song:

After five minutes of cleaning the house:

When someone asks if you’re seeing someone special:

“I have read the terms and conditions:”

Trying to get that piece of food that’s stuck between your teeth:

When your grandma overhears you say that you’re a bit hungry:

When the package says six chicken nuggets, but you get seven:

When someone comments on how sweet you are:

“Oh, I don’t watch TV:”

When someone makes eye contact with you through the crack in the bathroom stall:

After checking out the online menu for the restaurant you’re going to later:

When someone sends you a YouTube video that’s eight minutes long:

Walking into school the first day with your best new outfit:

Trying to hold in a fart on the way out of a room:

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