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The Muslim Leader Who Doesn’t Follow His Own Rules (5 pics)

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Anjem Choudary declared that anyone caught drinking should receive 40 lashes in public as punishment. These actual photos of him show just how hypocritical this decree is.


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channax 3 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
he's right, he said ANYONE, (not him) should receive a punishment !
This man is mistaken, as there are Christian chaplains wrong, religion and anything people anything else, do not confuse them
Mr. Ree 3 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
All organized religions are based on lies, deception and control. The fear of the "bogeyman" (a.k.a. god) keeps people in line and/or allows them to control others behaviors through the threat of 'sins' and 'eternal damnation'.
Re: the muzzie above, when he was younger, he partied and didn't care. Then, when he couldn't get a job, he found 'religion' and dismissed his 'old life' and found that being a leader in a religion gave him a way to live and control over people.

If there really is a Hell, it will be populated mostly by religious leaders and pedophiles (many times, one and the same).

Shawouin 3 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
These are old pics, he's like an ex-alcoolic telling you not to drink. And like AA, you must submit to god to get cured. Same bullshit.
darkraisin 3 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Believe in what gives meaning to your life. If you want to be a Muslim you cannot drink alcohol; as easy as that.
I just don't understand why to force yourself to be a Muslim or follower of any religion when you chose a contradictory lifestyle.
As for our friend above, yes, he changed and his past does not make him a hypocrite. Could make him a lyer if he would deny his wild past.
Dear Moron (Uploading this Post). The photos #2-#5 are of Past and #1 is of his Present. Visit Wiki and Guardian , he publicly admitted that he regretted the life he lived in the Past. Also, you point finger at one community, then don't you think other point towards Vatican Scandals and Pope sex abuses. Donot incite other religious brothers showcasing something wrong about one community. Actually we can report this Post Abuse.
Misleading Post ...There are lot of people of different religion (including Muslims, Christians etc ) who don't strictly abide it and it doesn't mean that they are not Hypocrites .Don't Discriminate by Pointing at One Religious community. This Website comprises Fun Gags and do not Make it a Racist Website.