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California Is in the Middle of an Extreme Drought That Is the Worst for Years (20 pics + 6 gifs)

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The Sierra Nevada valley recorded the lowest snowfall in history this year which has resulted in the spring season being drier than ever before. Residents have been forced to reduce their water consumption by 25%.


The Green Bridge, 2011 and 2014

Lake Oroville, 2011 and 2014

Folsom Lake, 2011 and 2014

Bidwell Marina, 2011 and 2014

Enterprise Bridge, 2011 and 2014

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gigantes 1 year ago MARK AS SPAM
not just the california drought, but we simply can't keep wasting fresh water the way we've been doing.
SkiDoo 1 year ago MARK AS SPAM
The lawns and golf courses are green! Stupid humans.
djp 1 year ago MARK AS SPAM
Global warming... how can anyone doubt it?
This is not the worst drought in 120 years. It's not even the second worst drought in the last 120 years. The driest year was 1924 (9.23 inches, or 40% of normal). The current water year (October 2013 through September 2014) ranks as the 3rd driest in the last 120 years (at 52% of normal). As for the claim that this is the worst multi-year drought in California history – look at the period of 1910-40 on the WRCC chart. Too bad stupid people can only see what's in front of them and don't consider history, *ahem* djp *ahem*. If it was worse previously, it can't be the worst ever now. Oh noes, the third driest year in 120 years, it must be man made global warming coming to kill us all!!! Yes, the earth is getting warmer but it has been doing so for 11,000 years, not just the last 120. You want to complain about American consumption while you gleefully use all of the modern conveniences you decry? Try complaining about the education system that has so obviously failed you...
gigantes 1 year ago MARK AS SPAM
isn't it interesting that such is not what the post actually claimed? no, it's the usual collection of nonsense, spin-doctoring and ad hominem attacks from you, i see.

the fact is we are seeing more extreme weather events all around the world strongly corresponding with what ~99% of climatologists and the world's national academies have identified as the source: man-made climate change.
djp 1 year ago MARK AS SPAM
Stop being a patsy for Big Business and try being a human for once.

Who is decrying modern conveniences? I'm using a computer, ffs!