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Dumb Staff Who Got Caught on Social Media by Their Employers (29 pics)

Posted in Picdumps » Faildump   27 Apr 2015   / 12035 views

People always forget that everything you do online is visible to everyone.


Absolutely abhorrent... I mean just *look* at those sideburns!

Something tells me you should probably not do 153 in the company car.

Last I checked, "lettuce shoes" were not part of the official BK dress code.

"Lemme post a picture of my illegal activities on the internet. What could possibly go wrong?"

"B-b-b-but... then who will pay me to pretend to work?"

"Piss Olympics" must be on the secret Taco bell menu.

Thomas has some things to learn about "full time."

Note to self: skip Subway for a while.

Advil for your hangover: $0.99. Starbucks for lunch: $4.50. Leaving your work-computer logged in to Facebook: Priceless.

Yeah, I'd hate having to work for Dido too.

I think I'm going to start using "prune" as in insult.

This is a high-school teacher. 'Nuff said.

Where the hell was she when I was in school?


And it was over before it began.

Turns out the Pittsburgh team only wants pierogis that look like pirates, not act like them.

":/ no comment"

When both you and your boss are on Facebook at the same time...

"Man, the boss doesn't even have to be here to scold us."

Jokes on you.

Turns out the boss doesn't appreciate being called a "dick hrad"...


"Still trashed" is totally a medical condition! I checked!"

Using tongs to pinch your nipples doesn't really count as "cooking," bro.

Dafuq indeed.

She's probably lucky she only lost her job.

A drunk 18-year-old cheerleader acting immature? Nah...

Maybe it had something to do with the service?

You had one job...


Ya burnt.

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gigantes 2 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
hopefully most of these kids went on to pay some nice legal fees.
They probably just end up on public assistance, and get free healthcare. Thanks obama.