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Cute Compact Homes That Maximize Small Spaces (39 pics)

Posted in Picdumps   20 May 2015   / 9584 views

These tiny house are designed to make the most of cramped spaces and their efficient designs show that less can really be more.


Billboards Can Become Little Shelter Houses For The Homeless

House On Wheels

Tiny House In Tokyo

Tiny Victorian Cottage In The Catskills, New York

Savannah Container Home in Savannah, Georgia

Small House In Boise, Idaho

Spirit Shelter In Germany

Tiny House In The Woods

Squish Studio in Canada

Bus Home

Tiny House In Canada

Small House In Tokyo, Japan

The Keret House in Warsaw

Neverwas Haul Victorian Home On Wheels

Floating Houseboat in Finland

Beautiful Family Home On Wheels

Yolo County Cabin

Tiny House In Toronto

The Matchbox: A Self-Sustaining Tiny Home In DC

Small House

House Balancing On Rock In Serbia

A-Frame House in Collierville, Tennessee

Andrea Zittel’s Wagon Station

Just Finishing Our 280 Sq Ft Home. It Has Full Kitchen And Bath. Also Stacking Washer Dryer...

Insta-Bunkie: A Shelter That Can Be Assembled In A Day

HC1 House

Ufogel (from Austria)

The Boiler Room

29 196-square-foot House Near Boise, Idaho

Xs Ivalsa

4x4m House By Tadao Ando

Incredible Steampunk Tiny House

1Sq. M. House, Germany

Beautiful Tiny House With Solar Power In Fresno, Ca.

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ArxFerrum 3 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
#7 - Cargo ship containers such as this - used, that is - can be gotten for a song. With a little ingenuity, they can be reconditioned into very livable spaces. Properly anchored, there's no storm that will ever blow the roof off!