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Awesome Features That Your Home Needs to Have Right Away (36 pics)

Posted in Picdumps   4 Jun 2015   / 8814 views

A door that turns into a ping-pong table
Refrigerator drawers in the kitchen
A wine cellar staircase for you, with a trap door
A door handle that automatically turns off electricity and gas when you leave
A swing-set dining table
A Glass-Encased Fireplace
A loft hammock
A hot tub that flows from inside to outside
A huge, round bedroom window
A stained-glass door
A library staircase/slide
A bone-shaped pool for your dog
A waterfall in the bathtub
A waterfall in the hot tub
A “swimpond”
A two-story closet
An actual double bed
A movable balcony
A fridge-enveloping pantry
A staircase that wraps around an aquarium
Stairs you can walk under
A glass-encased basement pool
A bar you can swim up to
A compartmentalized bathtub
A wall-length shower
Sparkly bathroom tiles that resemble a beach
An overflow bathtub with fireplace
A creek that runs through your hallway
A built-in drying rack
A glitter staircase for your daughter
A staircase that lifts up to reveal a secret room for your son
A giant twirly stainless steel slide
A fire pit in the POOL
A sleepover room
A slide shortcut into the pool
A built-in TV for the bathtub

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