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Fascinating Images from History (42 pics)

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Black man drinking at white only fountain, ca 1964.
Bear enjoying some honey in a cafe, 1950.
A photo of Anne Frank and her friends who are celebrating Anne’s 10th birthday (c. 1939).
Diane Lane's mother, Colleen Farrington, 1957.
Miss NASA 1968.
A police officer in the 1980's.
Horse mounted Soviet "cavalry" during Afghanistan conflict, 1980's.
Courtney Thorne Smith in 1986.
1950s cowgirl.
The original Charlie's Angels. Late 70s.
Sylvester Stallone in 1982.
San Francisco girl, 1989.
Arnold showing off his muscles to old ladies, 1967 in Munich.
1939 condom testers.
American pressure suit, designed by Republic Aviation, for extended operations on the moon's surface (1966).
Burlesque dancer Miss Zorita walking her snake, 1940s.
Woman, wearing a barrel, advertising for clothing drive, walks down the middle of Times Square, New York, 1944.


Showgirls atop the Golden Horseshoe Saloon, Disneyland, July 17, 1955.
Bruce Lee teaching his son Brandon how to kick (ca. 1971).
Miss NASA 1968.
Building the Hoover Dam -damn!
My grandmother would have been in this group
The real Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh
Looks a little heavy.... at least sinking to the bottom wouldn't be a problem

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