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Young Boy’s Xbox Gets Stolen and Police React in a Big Way (4 pics)

Posted in Random » Awesome   8 Dec 2015   / 4999 views

11 year old Tontrevion Campbell got home to find that they had been burgled. Among the things stolen? The young boy’s Xbox and all his games. While the Xbox was a hand-me-down, Tontrevion treasured it, as his family cannot afford much. When the police met the young man and heard his story they decided to do something amazing for him.

When officers responded to the scene, they began to interview the young boy. They discovered that he wouldn’t be asking for another one for Christmas. He told them, “My mom works long hours and several jobs…she uses that money to just pay the bills; I am not gonna even ask.”

Knowing that they had to do something to help rectify the situation, officers Jerry Graves and Antonio Martin headed over to GameStop between calls and purchased a brand new system, along with a few games.

They took the surprise gifts to Campbell’s home and asked if they were his. Naturally, he said no. Once the officers explained that it was in fact his, he and his mother broke into tears. The officers’ incredible gesture, while simple, left a little boy elated, and reminded us of the true nature of Christmas.

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