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These Tips Will Help You Save Your Money (14 pics)

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Have a “freezer week,” where you go through foods you already have at home.

Try to have a “no-spend-day” every week.

Take full advantage of supermarkets and visit about an hour before closing to get nearly-expired foods.

Cook your meals in large batches to reduce waste and cut cost on cooking. Just don’t post meal prep photos on Instagram.

Leave a little earlier than normal and drive at 55MPH for optimum fuel efficiency.

Eat before you go food shopping. It’s common sense but people still go to the store hungry.

For a low-cost (and environmentally friendly) cleaning product, mix water with white distilled vinegar or baking soda.

No need to spend money on costly condiments. Most fast-food restaurants provide free sauces. This one might take you back to your college days.

Have a good relationship with your neighbor? Ask about splitting the cost of an internet connection.

Turn your electric oven off five minutes early for a perfectly cooked meal due to long cooling times.

Don’t throw away fruit that has passed. Use it for smoothies or to bake with.

Take full advantage of free food samples at establishments like Costco.

Have an unused or extra bedroom? Rent it out on websites like Airbnb.

Refill a water jug that you keep in the fridge instead of running the tap till the water is cold.

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Number 5 is still BS just like it was in the 80's