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Cool Facts About Prince, The Legendary Icon Of The Music World (11 pics)

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Prince composed his first song when he was 7. Yes 7. What did you do when you were seven? Finger paint?

He performed with great artists. No surprise there, but he performed with James Brown when he was 10. Prince danced on stage.

He was poor as a child. Prince stated he was standing outside McDonald's to inhale the smell of burgers.

He loved The Beatles. When Lennon was killed, Prince was only a few blocks away.

He WAS good at basketball. Charlie Murphy might be telling some truth that Prince beat his ass playing B-ball. Prince was also good at football and baseball.

Prince can play over 27 different musical instruments.

When working on "Purple Rain” Prince ate spaghetti and drank orange juice in Denny's.

In 2014 he sued people for recording his concerts and posting them online. He supposedly said "Buy a ticket, cheapskates."

Apollonia hated working on "Purple Rain”. Prince forbid her to admit she's married so people would think she was involved with Prince. She also said Prince choose her diet for her and she HAD to obey.

He was sued by his half-sister. She claimed "U got the look” was written by her but the judge said this was not the case.

He never forgot about Minneapolis. His records were made and packed in Minneapolis.

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