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Let’s Look Back At ‘00s And See What Was “Cool” Back Then (20 pics + 6 gifs)

Posted in Funny » Humor   5 Jul 2016   / 6123 views

The coolest of kids had the Razr. But don’t you dare use more than one or two of their minutes.

Making sure your HP collection is in order.

“That’s hot”

That feeling of rebellion when listening to punk.

Praying that your thumb wasn’t covering the lense.

Fitting one of these into your back pocket.

Getting rowdy with young Shia.

Making fun of the Backstreet Boys with your friends and then jamming to their tunes in private.

Making CD’s for road trips.

Wondering if you’re really downloading a song or if it’s actually hard core porn.

Seeing these hats everywhere.

Loving the frosted tips.

Wearing a bracelet or two with an inspirational word on it.

Can’t go anywhere without ma Puka’s.

Running towards the “new releases” rack.

Learning how to spell Bananas.

Going to your friends house who had one of these.

Quoting this movie every two seconds.

All the ladies were rocking Phat Farms.

Getting emotional over some Avril.

Taking the risk on MSN.

Crushing on the Mean Girls

Being all new age with the iPod Video.

Facebook’s ancestor.

You’ve officially been pimped.

Watching the craziness that is The Osbournes.

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